How I be grown up and mature. (And also, some unrelated pictures!)(Just for fun.)

I’ve learned a lot about being an adult in the last two years since I found out that between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-eight an adult lifestyle is supposed to happen.
Well, technically I’ve only been learning this stuff for one year because at first I was so in shock about only having five years to become an adult that I couldn’t think about it for a year.
But now that I know all about how to be grown up and mature, I’m here to share my wisdom with the masses. (You’re welcome.)
(Disclaimer: this is what works for me. Your adulthood may look drastically different. And, if only for the sake of all the pedestrians and innocent children out there, I sincerely hope it does.)

First of all, I get the library to revoke my library card privileges. Unjustly, of course. Well, not really because it’s not really my library card, but if I let something go for nine months that generally means I don’t consider it super urgent. But whatever.
Unrelated pictures of rush hour in Montgomery County: IMG_4329 IMG_4330
(No, I was not irresponsibly taking pictures while driving.)(Because that would be irresponsible.)(And I am very not irresponsible.)(Because grown up and mature people are very not irresponsible.)
Second of all, I tell my sister embarrassing facts about myself and she tells me that I should blog about them and make my blog more interesting. At which point I proceed to not blog about them. Because I love to leave people hanging.
And also because I like to pretend I’m a dignified person devoid of embarrassing facts.
Unrelated picture of me with Roselyn:
with Roselyn
I like her kind of a lot. I get to move back to the state where she lives twelve weeks from today. (I’m sure you can tell how not counting down the days I am.)
Third of all, I drive. Not well, but whatever.
I went to Kernersville on Sunday because Uncle Danny was preaching. It was so, so good. Then we spent the afternoon watching a western movie and drinking tea.
We went to Charity’s house for supper, and while we ate we watched a nature documentary. It involved a lot of animals eating each other. It turns out nature is kind of gruesome.
When I got ready to leave, everybody gathered around and pooled their resources to thoroughly freak me out about whether or not I’d make it back to Biscoe that night/at all/ever.
(It’s because I never panic about things.)(It makes people uncomfortable to be around someone who is so calm and un-panicky and mature.)
To be fair, it was getting dark. And it was rainy. And I don’t think I’ve ever driven from Kernersville to Biscoe without getting lost/taking the wrong interstate/missing my exit. So there may or may not have been some validity to their concerns.
However. I would like to state for the record that I navigated those dark, rainy highways like a pro. Like a pro, I tell you.
Uncle Danny can testify that I didn’t call him one single time to pitifully explain where I may or may not be and beg for directions to where I needed to be.
(Nobody was riding with me, so there is no witness to the way I gripped the steering wheel so hard my knuckles turned white and got all crampy or the way I drove like an old lady with a bad heart and an inability to press down on the gas pedal.)
(Probably because that probably didn’t happen.)
Fourth of all, I get back to Biscoe and remember that gas is like six cents cheaper in Kernersville and kick myself for not filling up while I was there. (Except I didn’t really kick myself because I was driving and kicking myself would definitely have made me get in a wreck and I definitely didn’t need that because I definitely have already been in a wreck within the past month.)
Being an adult is so. much. fun. (Probably because I’m so good at it.)

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